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'Bro Split'

Build your own training plans using my easy to follow template and exercise recommendations.

What does the term Bro Split mean? This is the name given to a training split that works on one or two muscle groups per session. These type of splits allow for more volume on each muscle per session and give more time between training that muscle group again, giving more time for recovery. This type of split is better suited for someone who can commit to a minimum of five training days per week to allow enough days to get in every body part. 

When you purchase this product, you will receive both a five days and six days per week template. I will give you a list of exercises for each muscle group which are divided into two categories and you will then select the exercises from the lists to enter into your training plan. Using these templates, you will be able to write yourself as many different plans as you like, knowing that you have the structure you need to get amazing results.  



Detailed Workout Plan


Progress Tracking Tips


Nutritional Guidance


Expert Advice On Forming Good Habits


Supplement Recommendations

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